When I was in Rapid City South Dakota a couple of years back I came across a series of books titled “The Parables of our Savior” at a local thrift store. The author was William M. Taylor a pastor of the Broadway Tabernacle in the later half of the 19th century. This set of books was published at the turn of the century. After a very brief internet search on the author, from the little information I could retrieve he seemed solid so I decided to buy them. On the way home I read one of the sermons in this book on the parable of “The Good Samaritan”. To be quite honest I have never read a better exposition of that parable. I gave the book to Gary Dawson who also had the same view. Tonight I decided to see if Google Books had digitized it and much to my pleasure they had. I decided to extract that sermon from the book and make it available on Y.T.M Evangelism.org. It is well worth your attention. Here is the sermon on “The Good Samaritan”. I believe it will be well worth your time, his applications of the principles in that parable are wonderful and timely, in his day and ours.

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